Do you feel

. . . directionless?
. . . like you’re going through the motions?
. . . like a bystander in your own life?
. . . a lack of purpose or passion in your life?

If you’re feeling stuck and looking for a way out, then this could be right for you. I help individuals overcome personal barriers, uncover their strengths, feel more secure in their identity, clarify life goals, learn tools to make important decisions, and create a plan of action. Here is what a few of my clients have said:

“The session I had with Kirk was like a turning point in my life. It has helped me so much that even people around me have noticed the change. I have a clearer view of what I want to achieve in my life and with Kirk we discovered the main reason for me not leading the life that I want. Kirk is a great listener and advisor. If you get lost on the path of your life, Kirk is the right person to help you get back on track. Lyrics of one popular song say: ‘You live your life, you win, you lose…’, with a life coach like Kirk you always win.”
- Teresa K. (Richmond, CA)

“My first session with Kirk was very powerful! Kirk helped me get to a core issue very quickly, one that I have carried for about 25 years and had so much pain around that it was paralyzing me. (The pain was connected to what I perceived as a wrong that I was responsible for.) Within an hour I was actually having a difficult time remembering the pain I was carrying. Now, weeks later I have moved into some wonderful solutions and fully embrace the challenge of not only correcting the perceived wrong but moving forward and lovingly picking up where I left off. Thank you Kirk for guiding me through my pain and into the light!”
- Barbara K. (Temecula, CA)

“It was one of those paradigm-shifting experiences that has left me so emotionally rich. I have never felt this free and at peace with myself. The conversations we had kept playing back in my head. It’s like I want to be a better person for me. And you striving to be authentic to you and your clients makes all the difference. You feel your gut and hear your heart. Not a lot of people are even capable of that.”
- Vanessa G. (New York, NY)

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