Kirk Akahoshi

Success Stories

  • Chris P. (South San Francisco, CA)

    “I have never in my entire life had any counseling session that I felt was beneficial or had a positive impact on me, until I met Kirk.
    Within minutes of Kirk's intent listening and thoughtful prodding, we were not only able to pinpoint the things I was struggling with, but arrive at conclusions and solutions that I would have never thought of on my own.
    Kirk helped me challenge negative ideas and beliefs that were so deeply rooted that I didn't even know they were there, and helped guide me to refocus on better and more positive beliefs that uplift me instead of cripple me.”

  • Robert B. (Mountain View, CA)

    “At a time in my life when I was questioning my chosen career and trying to find a path that was right for me, I was having a great deal of difficulty deciding what to do. One person who helped me greatly was Kirk Akahoshi. Kirk was there for me. He listened to the concerns I had and helped me address my issues in a way that made sense. With his help I was able to clarify what it is I value and what that means for my chosen line of work. His assistance was key in figuring out what it is that I'm going to do with my life.”

  • Keith S. (San Francisco, CA)

    “I went to a workshop Kirk hosted a few weeks ago and got a lot out of it. He shared with us a really insightful method for breaking out problem out between our wants and our shoulds on the matter and then cross-examining each side. I and everyone else in the workshop got a lot out of it. I absolutely recommend visiting him at some point to get a new perspective and a new set of tools for handling life's challenges.”

  • Chinh P. (Sacramento, CA)

    “Kirk is an amazing therapist, coach, and person in general! Before speaking with Kirk, I had a lot of anxiety and some internal conflict around the direction I wanted to take my business. I was experiencing challenges with being able to trust my intuition and fearlessly move forward with a decision to take my business to the next level. After having just a few sessions with Kirk, he helped me remove those challenges so I could confidently make the next big step in my business and renew my faith in myself.”

  • Chris G. (Mountain View, CA)

    “I was struggling with a very difficult decision when I met with Kirk. I only had one session, but it was enough to get a grasp on what direction I needed to take my life. I had talked with many people about this issue, but it was Kirk's listening skills, insight and intuitive techniques that helped me gain clarity on what I really wanted to do. I highly recommend giving Kirk a chance, even just for one visit!".

  • Ian P. (Menlo Park, CA)

    “Unprofessional lawyers' deposition strategy is to be as abrasive and rude as possible, to shout, call names, and threaten to unnerve opposing counsel and gain some advantage. Over the years, I have always dealt with disruptive attorneys successfully at depositions...but always generated nearly-overwhelming panic on my part, leaving me miserable for the weeks leading up to the deposition itself.
    I went to see Kirk to address my deposition panic. Over the next several months, I conducted and defended many depositions and met with Kirk once a week, so I was able to observe my experience of depositions as it began to change. Like a mechanic putting a flat tire in water to check for leaks, Kirk methodically had me examine the components of deposition-taking so I could locate the "leaks," and just as methodically, reviewed possible "repairs" and assisted me in installing the appropriate fixes.
    The change was dramatic. In the space of a few months of working with Kirk, the panic that depositions generated for me was utterly dissipated and depositions became just another interesting task I get to do as a lawyer.”

  • Barbara K. (Temecula, CA)

    “My first session with Kirk was very powerful! Kirk helped me get to a core issue very quickly, one that I have carried for about 25 years and had so much pain around that it was paralyzing me. (The pain was connected to what I perceived as a wrong that I was responsible for.) Within an hour I was actually having a difficult time remembering the pain I was carrying. Now, weeks later I have moved into some wonderful solutions and fully embrace the challenge of not only correcting the perceived wrong but moving forward and lovingly picking up where I left off. Thank you Kirk for guiding me through my pain and into the light!”

  • Michele V. (SF, CA)

    "The fact that Kirk is both a therapist and a coach sets him apart from most other people in his field. He has so many resources and tools at his disposal he should call himself Batman! Kidding aside, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone with the breadth of experience, warmth of approach or integrity that Kirk has."
    "Kirk came to my rescue when I was experiencing overwhelm from the pressures of motherhood and work. I was finding it hard to keep my head above water with my endless business to-do list, along with guilt about not spending time with my family and frustration at not having time for self-care."
    "Through just a few conversations, Kirk not only uncovered some interesting reasons why I was feeling the way I did, but also gave me some practical and powerful tools to use whenever I noticed myself getting into the stress zone. He also took it upon himself to follow up and see if the suggestions he gave were working for me, something I didn't expect and am very grateful for."
    "So obviously I'm now a fully realized human being, right? Not in the slightest - and that's the other great thing about Kirk. He meets you where you are, and makes working with him fun and light, not at all like those crazy intense "shrink" sessions you see in the movies (though I have no doubt he would be really capable of handling those moments as well). I always felt that he was sincerely and deeply wanting to be of service in any way he could. Which is a rare and beautiful thing to receive from another human being. Thanks again Kirk!"

  • Freida N. (SF, CA)

    “The thing that I really appreciate about Kirk is that he combines the compassion and understanding of a therapist with the rigor and accountability of a life coach. It's a winning combination!”
    "I had a powerful session with Kirk where he was able to coach me through an area that I had been feeling stuck. I was able to breakthrough this area in just one session with Kirk and I had been dealing with that issue for months!"
    "He created a space of trust and peacefulness that helped me open up and get clear about my feelings and what actions to take next."
    "If you are looking for a safe space to work on your issues with your relationship/business/project, Kirk will gracefully support and guide you to the outcome that you have been desiring. You can count on his integrity, compassion and coaching skills to get you through where you've been blocked.”

  • Vanessa G. (New York, NY)

    “It was one of those paradigm-shifting experiences that has left me so emotionally rich. I have never felt this free and at peace with myself. The conversations we had kept playing back in my head. It’s like I want to be a better person for me. And you striving to be authentic to you and your clients makes all the difference. You feel your gut and hear your heart. Not a lot of people are even capable of that.”

  • Paulette W. (Tokyo, Japan)

    “My first session with Kirk was, well, mind-blowing. I did not know what to expect, but I was really surprised at how much I got out of the first session already. He talked with me in a way which I had always wanted someone to speak with me- directly to my mind, heart, and intuition. He guided me through the depths of myself and tapped into an awareness of myself that I had never explored before. After the first session, I’m looking forward to work at finding myself and seeing what comes of coaching with Kirk as I venture into my next phase in life!”